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Recommended for every body. Over consuming meat affects our liver health, dairy can affect our hormones which leads back to our liver, stress and trauma weakens our liver and continues to if  inner work is not being practiced, and as a result of our poor diet and lifestyle, it will eventually show up on our skin like acne, dry/oily skin, eczema etc. We should already know the dangers of alcohol.

Instead of investing heavy on cosmetics that are plain chemicals for a short-term quick fix, the easiest way to start clearing your skin is by detoxing your organs, decreasing meat, ESPECIALLY dairy, sugar and invest in more natural clean skincare products.

NOT to be used while taking medication. Decrease meat, dairy, sugar, coffee and especially alcohol to optimize the great benefits of this amazing herbal blend. These are all organic ingredients.



organic dandelion root

organic licorice root

organic astragalus root

organic milk thistle seeds


Contact me if you would like to request a customized order. Detailed instructions will be on the labels, you can give me a shout for any questions as well.

Stay healthy, stay blissed.

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