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I take pride on safely hand-making my natural products with all the high quality organic ingredients. Since I do not support ingredients that are not plant-based/vegan, even palm oil in any shape or form, which will then make my soap line prices a bit more higher. Palm oil, beef fat etc. are a much cheaper alternative for us soap makers. If you have not already, please research about what palm oil does for the orangutans and how they play such an important role in the environment, take care of mother nature, she gives back! Our planet is beautiful!

Also, I will not be using any essential oils/fragrances/mica powders(colorants) for safety reasons. I do customized orders and if upon request for a scent, I will ONLY do essential oils.

I adore products that are as natural as possible and only contain a few ingredients, our body/skin will recognize them much better. The simple, the better! ;)

Research how to spot fake salt on Irish (Sea) Moss, it is very difficult to find some that are natural salt, which is another reason why mine do not contain salt.

Throughout the process of handcrafting all my products, eco-friendly gloves will be worn, work space will be cleaned and organized, if your order will be in a jar(local not shipping), it will certainly be sanitized, and then wiped down before and after finishing the product.

I really do encourage for all of us to start making changes as much as we can, in however pace we can, these are not the times to be getting sick and we all deserve to be feeling alive and appreciate life! The shittier you eat, the shittier you will think!


*For orders that are Irish (Sea) Moss related, you have to let me know if you have any conditions like asthma, acid reflux, diabetes, joint pain etc. AND if you are taking any medications, very important so I can accommodate you properly and safely to help you achieve your goals.

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