Organic Bladderwrack(Fucus Vesiculosus)

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*DO NOT CONSUME IF > hyperthyroidism(depending), kidney stones, iodine allergy, trying to conceive(its ok combined with Irish (sea) moss), diabetes(monitor your blood sugars if ever consumed, if it drops, do not consume anymore), on blood thinners

- Vitamins A, B C, E, K

- Potassium, iodine, calcium, magnesium & more

- Weight loss

- Acts as a barrier against irritants like stomach acid

- Improves vision(high levels of beta-carotene)

- Reduces inflammation for arthritis, gout, hemorrhoids and any skin irritation

- Improves digestion, which can decrease bloating, cramping, colon cancer

- Heart health(lowers blood pressure, prevent risk of strokes/heart attacks-less strain in cardiovascular system)

- Anti-aging(contains natural powerful chemicals that can slow down aging of our skin, increase skin elasticity, if in old age, skin can look tighter and more toned)

*$10 per oz