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Chondrus Crispus is a red algae and this specie is what helped Dr.Sebi. Origins is from Ireland, it contains no salt, was wild-crafted and the source is directly from the divers.


Irish Moss Gel can be added into smoothies, stews, soups, pancakes(natural yeast, perfect for vegans/plant-based recipes), bread, desserts, sauces/dips and much more! Be creative!


The recommended servings is 1-2 tbsps if taken by itself, but if it is added in foods you can add more. We are not to be mistaken with Irish Moss(Chondrus Crispus) with Sea Moss that majority of suppliers carry, and be careful because some suppliers label Sea Moss with Chondrus Crispus! Irish Moss is much more potent than Sea Moss so we do need to make sure we do not over consume it!


Make sure to check out the analysis report in the next slide of photos, it is based on 200g.



Wildcrafted Sun-Kissed Irish Moss, Canadian Spring Water

 *no boiling was involved!

8oz & 16oz expires after 2 weeks

32oz expires after 3weeks

NOTE: all orders will be in a BPA-free plastic containers, I am currently not offering it in glass jars


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