Eczema Cream, organic

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100% Unrefined Grade A Ivory Shea Butter*

Cacao butter*

Black Seed Oil*


100% Vitamin E Oil(sunflower & safflower oil)*

* = organic

Expiry date is 12 months


NOTE: Please do not feel alarmed when noticing a few of the Calendula bits, it can vary from a very dark colour, or a light orange/red colour


✅Safely handmade

✅No arrowroot powder or cornstarch

✅No palm oil

✅No colouring(synthetic micas etc)

✅No fragrance/scents

✅No paraben


✅No lanolin

✅No occlusive ingredients

✅No endocrine disruptors



📲Call/Text/Whatsapp: 6477955539

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