Alkaline H3mp Mylk - 1L - *TKARONTO only*

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Forget your protein powders, hemp seeds are LOADED with protein, omega-3&6, amino acids and is a super-food powerhouse.

Love it in my smoothies, porridge, alkaline cereals, and even just a warm cup of it.

Store-bought nut milks are a waste of money because they are watered down and most of the time contain preservatives. Almonds contain cyanide. IF you do purchase almonds in general, make sure it is organic please!



Organic Hemp Seeds, Organic Dates, Canadian Spring Water, Organic Irish/Sea Moss Gel, Organic Cinnamon

Additional herbs will be $1 each like maca root, cacao powder etc. - all organic


*Expires in 3-4 days depending on fridge temp settings(make sure its COLD)

*Please contact me before purchase

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