Organic Palo Santo Wooden Sticks

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*4 inches wooden sticks

This Palo Santo batch derived from Ecuador and is 100% authentic, no harm was done with the trees and rest assured it was not cut down prematurely.

Ever since I made Palo Santo a part of my lifestyle, I can vouch that it has made me more leveled, and more in touch with my spiritual side. I light a beeswax candle with matches and hold the Palo Santo on the candle's fire, letting the stick burn on the flame for about 10-15 sec then blow on it. I do wait once my son is in bed to cleanse our place and also him while he is napping.


Typically used for:

~ meditation(getting in touch with spiritual side in a deeper level)

~ cleanse negative energy out

~ natural air freshener(highly recommend this than incense

~ ward off mosquitos 

~ boost focus and concentration

~ feeling relaxed


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