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still eating meat, dairy, junk snacks everyday? Do you only have one bowel movement everyday? Take a few seconds and really think and be honest with yourself on whether you find yourself angry, sad, depressed, anxious most of the time? OR looking to gain or lose weight?

Please reach out to me only if you are serious!

We will first discuss about you and your lifestyle > I will gather some products for you to invest in, it is important for you to let me know if you are on a budget or not, I do know my way around that > I will stay in contact with you 2-3x a week minimum until our third month together.

As we observe, our environment is changing rapidly. We are not here to keep feeding our temple bullsh!t, we are amazing huemans and we deserve to feel amazing. The healthier our lifestyle is, the more and more amazing we will feel💛

Haven't you noticed that more and more people are having more mental illnesses? And some don't even know it, this is not normal and this certainly all goes back to our gut health.

I was offering free coaching and figured, more people would take this seriously if it came out of their pocket!


*ETRANSFER(EMT) $30 TO skincare.prototype@gmail.com SO YOU DO NOT GET CHARGED FOR HST!